Actually, It’s Kind Of Personal

Months have gone by since we first wrote a blog on why we left The Crossing. Our intention was never to let this much time go by between posts.

Unfortunately, things have not been so well for us. When I wrote that first blog, I had no idea what was ahead of me. When I really stepped back, when I started to really process what happened to us there, I broke down. In the months since that first blog, I have been undergoing treatment for severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD. A large focus of my treatment is spiritual abuse. (My medical team all say The Crossing is a cult. That has to count for something, right?)

I have been advised not to concern myself with anything to do with The Crossing, as it causes me to have panic attacks. Sometimes though, I can’t help myself. I wrote a Google review a week ago, and within a few days, a bunch of staff members and key volunteers (whose names I obviously recognize…some I even volunteered with! Ouch!) all wrote reviews in response to mine.

This is a great example of the kind of contrived nature of The Crossing Church. An email was sent out (I used to get them, remember?) asking people to go leave positive reviews because of mine. After every negative comment, within a few days there’s a blitz attack of positive reviews by Crossing people. Everything is planned behind the scenes to make it look like anything negative that is said couldn’t possibly be true. I have sat through ENTIRE WEEKEND SERMONS, COL meetings, leadership trainings, etc where they spend time refuting people who say anything negative about them, to the point of mocking them.

I turned a blind eye to all of this for so many years, and coming to terms with it hasn’t been easy. Deciding to write that first blog wasn’t easy. Choosing to write this one wasn’t easy.

At The Crossing, they say no one can argue with your story.

I have a story, and I am choosing to begin sharing it again. Maybe the raw details of our time at The Crossing could prevent another person from the pain they have caused myself and others. Since writing the first blog, we met with several people whose stories were just like ours. Just like the ones before ours. This is so much more than out-of-context preaching and manipulating footage. This place is dangerous and abusive, and I am going to do my part in exposing what I can.


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