This isn’t the first time this has happened.

Controversy has followed the Crossing Church’s history.

In 2011, The Crossing received criticism for a series called The Code of the Samurai. The series was a drive to finance a multi million dollar expansion project. Members were challenged to make a commitment and donate above and beyond their regular giving for a over a year.

Among other things, Eric Dykstra was accused of using his platform to engage in high pressure tactics, leading him to be called a “Prosperity Preacher.” Despite his denial. Eric was also suspected of misusing donations by purchasing a large, river-front house further away from the church.

Not long after, the accusations  against Eric and Kelly continued. From having too much control over their staff, volunteers, and members to reports of authoritarian and predatory financial practices. Concerns were raised by former members, that the church was becoming a cult – a personality cult focused around Eric and Kelly Dykstra.


Healing the Wounds

A former pastor.

My desire in writing this blog is to educate and prompt the reader to consider & be able to think outside the box of what their “spiritual leader” would have them believe. I care about my friends who still attend the crossing church and I want them to know that I love them. I do believe my friends at the crossing are following Jesus.  It is not my intent to hurt or discourage them in their faith walk. I only ask that when they read this, they read it with an open mind.  It is my concern & my prayer that no other seeking person would ever again experience the abuse from a spiritual leader.

-June, 2011


One Mother’s Journey

A member’s mother.

I will say their tactics, their music, their set-up, well, it’s not “my thing” but I am not their vision, they are ‘designed’ as a church for 18-30 year old beer drinking, McDonald’s eating, unchurched guys…not 38 year old moms. The leader, Eric Dykstra, a charismatic, dynamic speaker- he engages you the moment he speaks. I don’t understand the way they do the things they do but I blindly trust them, I trust it is of God and I support my son.

-May, 2011


Thoughts From The Back Alley

A former member.

I felt like I’d been struck by a truck when I left the Crossing.  I didn’t really want to leave but I felt I had no choice.  I saw people being kicked out, my story validated by one of those people and a mother losing her son.  Every sign was saying to get out and get out fast!  When I wrote you a letter saying why I was leaving I was heartbroken.  Even when I went on the news saying why I’d left it wouldn’t have taken much to get me back.  An apology, a change and I would have happily been back there.  Kelly even called me saying I should expect an amends and it never came.

-September, 2012