This Isn’t Personal

I’m not writing because I need closure. I’m not writing because of the personal problems I have with Eric & Kelly Dykstra. (Different story, different day.) I’m definitely not writing this because I’m seeking an apology or retribution, I don’t want one.

I’m writing this because people are being taken advantage of. I, and many others, have seen the corruption. Since our last post we’ve had a number of people come to us, telling us their story from leaving the Crossing. Why do they all sound so familiar? Why is it the same story?

Staff, volunteers, & attendees,

Have you noticed how much money they ask for? Why do Eric’s talks seem to always to reference your wallet at least once? Remember when the offering used to be shorter? Remember when your tithe money bought Bibles and coffee for newcomers, but now they charge you? Ladies, do you remember when Twirl only cost you $5? Remember back at a COL earlier in the year when Eric Dykstra, from stage, said that people who don’t give money to his church are either too afraid or they don’t love Jesus enough? Remember that same night when Jason Keech compared people who don’t give money to Judas Iscariot moments before they collected your money? I’d show you, but as you know COL meetings aren’t recorded.

Remember when Grace on Tap completely changed the way the Dykstras and The Crossing does church? I don’t.




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